The Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi & Fantasy - River Tam is #9

Last month, SFX website asked their readers to vote for The Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi & Fantasy (100 men and 100 women).

The Top 200 Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi  have just been published by SFX and River Tam is #9 for the women (same place as Captain Mal Reynolds for the men).

River Tam in Top 200 Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi

Top Captain Mal Reynolds in 200 Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi

"Love match? Okay, this vote has thrown up some unlikely couples, and while this pairing is more possible than most – hell, they’re from the same show – the fallout from any relationship in terms of crew morale just doesn’t bear thinking about."

River Tam was on the list suggested by SFX and there was also a write-in option at the bottom of the women's list where fans could write Cameron for example but obviously the actors listed had a big advantage.

Also one has to remember that Summer Glau was voted #11 for River Tam and #16 for Cameron Phillips in the Top 100 Sci-Fi Icons of the 21st Century published by SFX last year (See News).
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