The Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi & Fantasy at SFX UK

The Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi & Fantasy at SFX UK

SFX is asking their readers who you think are the hottest men and women in science fiction and fantasy in its latest big poll. The vote is for the characters and not the actors.

 SFX has listed separately 100 men and 100 women who they think might be most popular. Summer Glau made the list for her role as River Tam in Firefly/Serenity but there's also a write-in option at the bottom of each poll where you can write Cameron Phillips (Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles) or any other character of your choice.

Summer Glau characters

Here's the rules of the poll :
"You have three choices in all in each list (because some people are are in touch with their inner metrosexuality and will want to vote in both): you can tick off three of the name we’ve suggested; or tick off two and add a name in the box at the bottom, or tick off one and add two names at the bottom, or simply write all three names in the box at the the bottom. We really don’t mind. The names we’ve suggested are pretty random so don’t feel restricted by them."

The results will be published on the site next month.

More details about the voting and tell us who you voted for in the forum thread.

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