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The Initiation of Sarah - Gallery update and videos

The Initiation of Sarah poster

Summer Glau played in 2006 in cable channel ABC Family’s remake of the horror movie "The Initiation of Sarah" (The original aired in 1978 on ABC). The movie premiered on ABC Family’s eighth annual "13 Nights of Halloween," a Halloween-themed programming event airing each night from October 19-31.

"The Initiation of Sarah" centers on a sorority girl ("Sleepover’s" Mika Boorem) with mysterious powers who unwittingly becomes the focus of a century-old battle between good and evil. Summer Glau plays Sarah’s naive and put-upon twin sister, Lindsey.

"It’s suspenseful, scary and frequently wickedly funny, and we’ve got just the cast of leading ladies to pull it off," said ABC Family president Paul Lee.

I have gathered here for you pictures from the movie and even the original teaser trailer  for the premiere of 'The Initiation of Sarah' on ABC.

Here's a sample of the promotional pictures, production stills as well as poster and DVD cover art of the movie that have been added to the gallery:

'The Initiation of Sarah' Promotional Photos

Promotional pictures and production stillsPromotional pictures and production stillsPoster and DVD cover art

'The Initiation of Sarah' Promotional Photos - 2006'The Initiation of Sarah' Promotional Photos - 2006'The Initiation of Sarah' Promotional Photos - 2006

[Summer Glau in 'The Initiation of Sarah']


Original teaser trailer for the premiere of 'The Initiation of Sarah' on ABC.


I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and that it has urged you to watch the movie (Youtube links available here).

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  Message #1 | Haze | 18 Mar 2013, 10:58 GMT

I love this movie so much! Summer's so cute in it. :3 And the outfits all look so amazing on her!

  Message #3 | tedi_n | 18 Mar 2013, 17:25 GMT

i like the white dress she looks like an angel in it  wink

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 18 Mar 2013, 23:57 GMT

Another squee mentioned by blackheartedangelsandbrokenwings smile

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