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The Big damn Heroes Reimagined As Marvel Superheroes

12 Jul 2015
chrisdvanne 0 Comments

In Joss Whedon's universe, the crew of Serenity seem more like anti-heroes than superheroes from the Marvel universe but prompted by designer and all around geek Foureyedesign's Big Damn Heroes comic cover series, I'm starting to notice the similarities.
Check out Foureyedesign's one of a kind fantastical designs below, featuring River Tam as The Doctor's STRANGE sister, Shepherd Book as The Incredible BOOK, Inara as The Companion, Wash and Zoe as The Leaf and The Wind, Jayne as The Mighty Jayne, Kaylee as The Invincible Kaylee or Mal Reynolds as Captain Tightpaints.

River Tam as The Doctor's STRANGE sister
Shepherd Book as The Incredible BOOKKaylee as The Invincible KayleeMal Reynolds as Captain Tightpaints

Wash and Zoe as The Leaf and The WindInara as The CompanionJayne as The Mighty Jayne

Rude, loud and painfully aware of their inner struggles, here's hoping Marvel brings in some Firefly characters to the next Avengers movies.

You can see more of Foureyedesign's work at

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