Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles EPK

Find below a video pulled directly from a CD-ROM, part of an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles series premiere.
Here are some notes from the original poster Jezzikuh, who works for a FOX affiliate:
These EPKs were sent out to FOX affiliate stations, and were meant to be cut up by local editors and scheduled to run alongside local content. The audio and video might be a bit odd at some times because, again, it's all pretty much unedited at this point. It's also a tad repetitive…
"Sweetened" generally means that sound effects have been added. "B-Roll" just means footage you would use to cut between other shots, like in an interview.
There are a couple of un-cut interviews included that are worth a look, if nothing else. It's really interesting to see the actors talk about each other. Summer is adorable and needs a cough drop. The B-Roll's REALLY cool. It's like you're quietly standing on set as they film the show.
Video content:
At 00:48 Featurette - Mondays (Sweetened)
At 02:55 Describing the series
At 07:47 Playing the Characters
At 17:07 Action and Stunts
At 18:49 B-Roll
At 22:59 Featurette - 2 Night (Sweetened)
At 25:03 Featurette - Mondays (Un Sweetened)
At 27:11 Featurette - 2 Night (Un Sweetened)
At 29:17 Graphics
I extracted from the 29 minutes long video the parts with Summer Glau, as well as the excerpt where Thomas Dekker talks about Summer and added it to the video gallery.
You can take a look at two Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Press Kit, one for FOX and one for UK channel Virgin 1.
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Summer... <3  you gotta love this B-Roll stuff =)

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