Supanova Gold Coast - Event Guide

Supanova Expo has published an event guide for the Supanova Gold Coast event, to be held April 20-22; the guide includes the Anime Area, the Cosplay championship and the photo ops schedule for all media guests, as well as a map of the place.

Summer Glau will be appearing on Saturday 21st April 10:30am to 5.30pm and on Sunday 22nd April 11:00am to 5pm for autograph and photo sessions, with one public Q&A on Saturday.
As recent Melbourne event confirmed it, Summer Glau lines for photo and signing ops are always very long and checking this guide to know where tables, lines and panels are and how to get there can be very helpful.
Here's the online version of the Event Guide :
click on image for larger size
Supanova Gold Coast - Event Guide
Download PDF version.
A guidebook app available for android and ios should be released later this week.
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