Summer Glau Photo Ops

Here's a selection of photo ops with Summer Glau taken at various conventions in which she participated. There's no specific topic, these are just cute photos I have chosen from the Gallery.
A major driver for con-goers is probably the opportunity to have a picture taken with your favorite actors; Summer Glau seems to enjoy them as much as her fans. As one of our members, who went to Dallas Comic Con 2012, said : "Summer makes you feel as if she came to see you and not the opposite".
As a convention veteran, Summer is used to this type of exercice and knows how to hold the pose, to the point that a meme was made from her photo ops at at DragonCon 2010 (see "The Combo Breaker"). On the opposite,  this serie of photos is from her early years in the business and were taken at small-sized conventions, which is why the following photos have a high level of  spontaneousness.
And now the photo ops with Summer Glau:
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I hope you enjoyed these photos of an incredibly sweet Summer Glau. If the size of the conventions has increased, Summer's love and respect for her fans has never changed. To see for yourself, have a look at the video she send to apologize for not making it to Ottawa Comiccon 2013.
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