Summer Glau - New York Comic Con appearance

Summer was promoting her role in Alternative Reality Game called The Human Preservation Project. It’s a new online interactive game, where people get to play online games and unlock additional story content. It started a few months ago and can be played at
Wrigley's 5 Gum is sponsoring the game.

The Human Preservation Project Teaser

Here's some HQ pictures of Summer Glau :

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New York Comic-Con - October 14, 2011Summer Glau at New York Comic Con - October 14, 2011Summer Glau at New York Comic-Con - October 14, 2011

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Summer Glau videos recently made debuted on as Natalia Suttinger. Before visiting the site, we received a distress call from Natalia broadcasting on a vintage FM radio; it prompted us to check out the new project and meet with Glau at NYCC. Be sure to tune into BuzzFocus for the interview with Glau. We also discuss her role on Alphas as well as past and future projects. Summer Glau Arrives at BuzzFocus with a Mysterious Distress Call from the Human Survival Project at BuzzFocus - October 13, 2011 New press package have hit websites to create the buzz around The Human Preservation Project; the box includes an ID pass with a picture of Summer Glau and an old-school radio that deliver mysterious messages from Summer Glau. Summer Glau will be at New York Comic Con on Friday, Oct 14 to discuss her role in this new project.

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