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There are regularly Facebook or Twitter accounts coming out, claiming to be the real Summer Glau; and inevitably genuine fans will visit these sites, hoping to have a direct contact with Summer Glau. But Summer has no Facebook or Twitter or any public social network account and every person claiming to be Summer herself is a fake. Neither does she have an official website.

UPDATE 5: Summer says on July 2019 during a YouTube podcast that she doesn't have any public social media - watch at 58:10 of the video.


UPDATE 5: The official Twitter account of The Middle East and Film Comic Con quoted Summer saying she's not on Twitter during a press conference on April 8, 2016.  


UPDATE 4: Summer herself confirmed in a podcast interview from October 2014 that she's not online at all, including not on Twitter.


UPDATE 3: Sean Maher confirmed Summer isn't on Twitter on January 2013.


UPDATE 2: Thomas Dekker confirmed Summer isn't on Twitter on June 2012.


UPDATE 1: Nathan Fillion should be more careful who he follows; he's sending a wrong message to the fandom by following a notorious impersonator. The mere fact that the Summer Glau fan sites are NOT following this account should be enough to convince you that it's a fake. More, this fake SG account joined Twitter on October 2011, while Thomas Dekker tweet about Summer not having a Twitter account on June 2012. It does not compute.

Summer used to have a Facebook account, but it kept getting hacked, so she removed it.

I used to be on Facebook, but I kept getting hacked, so I just deleted it.

Source: Interview for Esquire Magazine

And if you're still not convinced, Summer Glau herself said she's not on Twitter in her Q&A panel at Emerald City Comic Con on April 2012 (watch at 50:21 of the video) :


More, Summer Glau has been live tweeting the Alphas season finale from @AlphasSyfy. Do you really think she would have done that if she had her own Twitter account?

Feel free to link to this page whenever it's needed.
The1Russter has made a list of fake twitter accounts, you can refer to it if there is any doubt on a specific account; see in the comment section below.
Regarding an official website, Summer used to have an official site but the site has been closed since 2008; the former webmaster posted this statement :

My name is Andy Evans and I am the former webmaster of Summer Glau’s official website. The website closed down some time ago and is the last official, authorised web presence Summer has had. This weekend, I met with Summer and discussed a matter that has been brought to her attention concerning a My Space site claiming to officially represent Summer. Summer knows nothing about any such page and has not authorised anyone to act on her behalf. She wishes to let her fans know so that they are not misled or exploited in any way and gave me personal permission to issue this statement. Summer does not have ANY official pages at present. The last official, authorised site with which Summer had any involvement was my own which closed down some time ago. Summer no longer has an official website, nor any official social networking pages. Fans should not attempt to add her in the belief that any such site is official or connected with Summer. Summer does not have any accounts to make contact with fans at present and has no plans to create such a site in the foreseeable future."



The last sentence in that message still applies. If Summer plans for an official site they most likely will have a hired webmaster that represent her create a completely new site for her. 
One can use fanmail to contact her : Summer Glau Fan mail

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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 28 Jun 2012, 13:37 GMT [Entry]

Now that we have so many statements from Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau herself, there's no place place for the doubt.

But the real reason i collected and gathered in one place these informations is to give the fans a link that they could use to prove to genuine fans that the people claiming to be Summer are just trying to fool them.

  Message #2 | The1Russter | 28 Jun 2012, 16:27 GMT [Entry]

I've got a list of eleven fake twitter accounts, though I'm sure there is more. One of them even claims its the "official twitter account" for Summer Glau. Would you like me to post the list here so others will know to avoid them?

  Message #4 | The1Russter | 28 Jun 2012, 17:33 GMT [Entry]

The following twitter accounts are not Summer Glau!
Three of them actually claim to be her, two actually using the word 'official' in their description, but by no means are any of these accounts used by Summer Glau. She's never used twitter and some of these accounts go back over 3 years. One of these account holders is actually honest enough to say he's not her, and is holding the account for Summer. Well, kudos to him for keeping others from using her name, but be wary all the same. When and if Summer Glau decides to use Twitter, we can all be certain it will be a verified account confirmed with a message to the public.

Do not follow them! Do not tweet at them! These people are not Summer Glau. Warn others about them but by no means antagonize them!

1) Summer Glau ‏ @summerglat

2) Summer Glau ‏ @Only1SummerGlau

3) summer glau ‏ @summerglau4

4) summerglau ‏ @onlieglau

5) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerGlau_

6) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerGlau1

7) Summer Glau ‏ @RealSummerGlau

8) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerLGlau

Official account of Twitter for Summer Glau <= LIAR! This one refined the account to look more 'official' after the Dallas Comic Con

9) Summer Glau ‏ @summerglau1981

10) Sum ‏ @RealSummerLyn

11) SummerGlau ‏ @SummerGlau

No, I'm not Summer. I'm just holding this for her. I'm @waltpsu <= At least he's honest.

12) Summer Lyn Glau ‏ @GlauSumOfficial

My Official Twitter! Actress and ... <= 2nd LIAR!

13) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerGlau3

14) Macdrone ‏ @Summer_Glau

15) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerGlauTwitt

Hi, its summer guys, many of you may know me from my acting and
dancing, ive danced ballet since a young age which lead to my acting career. <=3rd LIAR!

16) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerLunGlau

17) Summer Glau ‏ @GSummerGlau

18) Summer Glau ‏ @GlauSummer

19) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerGlau2

20) Summer Glau ‏ @Summer__Glau

21) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerGlau5

22) Summer Glau @glau_summer

These are all that I could find on twitter. Some of them I have on a twitter list named, Fake_Summer_Glau_accounts. This is done purely to warn those who follow me that these people aren't her.

We can thank Thomas Dekker for his tweet yesterday confirming Summer Glau does not have a twitter account.
You can share his message. Copy the following into your twitter edit window and tweet it!

RT @theThomasDekker: Summer Glau & Brian Austin Green do NOT have twitter accounts!

  Message #7 | REG | 01 Jul 2012, 09:19 GMT [Entry]

ahh good to know. thanks for the info.

  Message #8 | The1Russter | 02 Jul 2012, 17:43 GMT [Entry]

Entry, 8) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerLGlau , has disappeared from Twitter. It is no longer accessible via twitter and is gone from my twitter list. Did they take it down voluntarily? or were they asked to take it down? Who knows? This will require further observation and patience but maybe we've accomplished something good for now. Let's hope its permanent.

  Message #10 | The1Russter | 03 Jul 2012, 02:18 GMT [Entry]

The fake account, 8) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerLGlau, is back but under a new account name, ... ‏ @_cgjj. I only know its the same person because 1) they reappeared under my Twitter list, 2) all the old familiar tweets were there, and 3) same profile background, but any and all references to it being the 'official Summer Glau account' are gone. It will bear further observations to determine if they have indeed stopped pretending.

  Message #11 | The1Russter | 19 Jul 2012, 13:15 GMT [Entry]

Number 8) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerLGlau is back in operation. Any pretense of being an official site is now gone and the website they list is their own twitter account. Also all previous tweets are gone with just one from earlier today.

  Message #12 | The1Russter | 10 Aug 2012, 16:49 GMT [Entry]

Number 8) Summer Glau ‏ @SummerLGlau is no longer perpetuating themselves as Summer Glau and is now going by: I'm am ‏ @_ajgj

Will this be permanent? They changed and changed back once before. Let's hope they have learned it isn't wise to pretend to be a celebrity.

A fan using a celebrity's name as part of their twitter name is one thing, but falsely portraying oneself as that celebrity is another thing entirely.

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