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Summer Glau is a Star Trek Fan

26 Oct 2012
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Summer Glau is a Star Trek Fan


Summer Glau revealed during her recent Twitter Q &A session, for the Alphas second season finale, that her all time favorite sci-fi show was Star Trek The Next Generation.

Of course this is not new for her fans since Summer mentioned it in numerous interviews or during panels at fan conventions. Find below an interview and photo manipulations related to her attachment to the Star Trek series :

When Summer was interviewed for Scifi Australia, as she attented the Supanova series of conventions, she admitted to being a huge TNG fan. 

Summer Glau Is A Trekkie: Interview
We had a chat with her about what life’s like when you’re Summer Glau, who her favourite Star Trek character is (and the actor she met that blew her mind) and what classic Sci Fi she breaks out when introducing her Sci Fi side.
You’re a bit of a Sci Fi fan. If you meet a new friend, and you want to show them how awesome Sci Fi is, what do you show them?
I’m pretty old school about that kind of stuff. I love Blade Runner. I love Princess Bride (although it’s not really Sci Fi, of course), but the show I really grew up on was Star Trek: The Next Generation. That was a show that I watched with my parents that I talked them into letting me stay up to watch it. I got to meet Marina Sirtis last year, which was a really special moment for me. I grew up idolising her.
Doing the convention circuit, you’d bump into the odd Sci Fi icon here and there. Is there someone in particular that you’d really like to meet?
Well I got to meet Marina Sirtis, which was really huge for me, but if I had to say one person, I guess it would be William Shatner. 
Read the complete interview at
I'm not sure at which convention Summer met Marina but they had plenty of opportunities to meet at conventions, such as at Dragon*Con 2010.
And now a few fan made photo manipulations, featuring Summer Glau as a member of the Starfleet Enterprise.
Rabittooth has made many Star Trek photo manipulations by request for fan fiction and RPGs.
Vulcan Glau

Summer Glau is a Star Trek Fan

Bajoran Glau is a superior acting role to Vulcan Glau because Vulcans are emotionally reticent.

Summer Glau is a Star Trek Fan

David Metlesits imagined Summer Glau on Starfleet's Polaris. Sweet Charlotte
"The Lucky Charm of the starship Polaris, science officer Charlotte Ainsworth (Summer Glau)."

Summer Glau is a Star Trek Fan

Lieutenant Ainsworth
"No longer the wide-eyed little rookie, but one of the best officers old Terra has ever set out into the stars. Charlotte Ainsworth (Summer Glau) remains aboard the Polaris, along with her husband, after the Kzin-Tzenkethi War."

Summer Glau is a Star Trek Fan


PhoenixRose saw into the future back in 2010 and photoshopped Summer as an elf (thanks to TWO at for the heads up).

Summer Glau is a Star Trek Fan



I'm sure many of you are Trekkies too; i hope you didn't mind the free interpretations of the artists and enjoyed this Blogpost.

We may never see Summer Glau as a Vulcan in a Star Trek movie but she'll wear pointy ears in her upcoming Christmas movie for the Hallmark Channel, Help for the Holidays :-)

On set of Help for the Holidays

Gallery link:
- Movies > Help for the Holidays (2012) > On set


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