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Summer and Brian Austin Green in Japan

Summer Glau and Brian Austin in Japan during their TSCC DVD Promotion Tour

Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green were in Tokyo, Japan on May 2009 to promote the release of the second season of Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles on DVD and blu-ray.

Summer Glau and Brian Austin in Japan during their TSCC DVD Promotion Tour
Summer Glau and Brian Austin in Japan during their
TSCC DVD Promotion Tour.

Watch more images of Summer and Brian in Japan in our photo gallery.

It must not have been easy for both of them to promote the show whereas it was no longer in production. Here are the three videos of the interviews they made for Japan tv at the time.


First a short video of the Presss conference with Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green.

Round of applause to Japan for the staging; first the spotlights and smoke when Summer and Brian arrived and then at the end they gave them guns to hold (watch closely the very last images and the promo stills in the Gallery).
Question: What would you do if you meet a Terminator?
Brian: “Run, run, run just run”
Summer: “I’ll call John Connor, I’ve got his number”

Here's the uncut version version of an interview with Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green for Japan tv (including the last scene where Brian and Summer thank the interviewer).


Summer Glau : "It was difficult for me at times because Cameron has so many faces. Her agenda was unclear for most of the series."

And last an interview with Summer for a Japan tv show; a facetious Summer Glau played a few tricks on the interviewer.
Love it when she switched from Cameron mode to Summer mode!


Japanese magazine AERA English published an audio interview with Summer Glau, check it in a previous Blogpost.

During this trip to Japan, Summer and Brian did interview sessions with local medias.
Summer Glau also visited The Terminator Exhibition, an exhibit featuring the cyborgs from the Terminator franchise that was on display in Tokyo.


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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 28 Dec 2012, 21:11 GMT

At the end of the 2nd interview, Summer said "Arigato". She sounded so Japanese.
For some certain person, sharing her life must have been like winning all the lotterys in one go, having her act out all the best terminator Cameron parts for private viewing night after night.

I hope he knew what a lucky sod he was. I'm sure he does. (Who wouldn't pay lots of money for that experience?)

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