Summer Glau in a Tesla - Orwell, The Cape

A previous blog entry showed Summer Glau next to an electric car (the General Motors EV1) for the premiere of "Who Killed The Electric Car?" during the Los Angeles Film Festival 2006.
Summer Glau history with electric cars continued recently in tv show The Cape, inwhich Summer's character Orwell was seen in the pilot driving a blue Tesla.

Summer Glau as Orwell in The Cape driving a Tesla

More screencaps of Summer Glau in The Cape in the Gallery.

Here’s a trivia question for fans of The Cape: what was Orwell’s license plate number on her blue Tesla? The answer is "SMM 6367".
The license plates was auctioned on May 2011 (Car sold separately).

The cape Auction 

"Description:This is Orwell’s (Summer Glau) screen used Tesla license plate from multiple episodes. This item was created by The Cape’s prop department for use in production. This is one of two received from production. The other license plate will be listed separately."

.Tesla License Plate - Summer Glau as Orwell in The Cape

More informations about Orwell's cars in the forum :

 Tesla License Plate - Orwell's cars in The Cape

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