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Con Man panel at Dragon Con 2016 - HQ photos

Firefly's Alan Tudyk is also making the convention rounds for Con Man, his web series inspired by his fan conventions experiences. Alan - along with producer P.J. Haarsma, actor Nolan North, and mobile studio Frima employees - participated in the Con Man panel at Dragon Con 2016 on Friday, September 2. ... Read more ▶

05 Sep 2016 chrisdvanne Summer Glau 0 Comments

A Behind-the-Scenes look at the Firefly reunion at SDCC 2012

Join us for a quick inside look at the Firefly reunion that happened at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2012. Re-live the magic with behind-the-scenes moments with Summer in the selected photos below! ... Read more ▶

08 Aug 2016 chrisdvanne Summer Glau 1 Comments

Behind-the-Scenes photos of the USS Jimmy Carter crew on set of TSCC

Check out these cool behind-the-scenes pictures of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles cast getting ready to lead a mutiny against Terminator USS Jimmy Carter sub captain Queeg in Season 2, Episode 18 and 19, ‘Today Is the Day: part 1 & 2’. ... Read more ▶

22 Jun 2016 chrisdvanne Summer Glau 2 Comments

Fan-made video reminds us why we love Summer

Watch a really cool fan-made video showcasing Summer's work that our dedicated member Admirator put together and asked us to share with you. ... Read more ▶

23 May 2016 chrisdvanne Summer Glau 6 Comments

Who Should Play Female Wolverine (X-23)?

There have been rumors going around that female Wolverine clone X-23 would make an appearance in Wolverine 3. ... Read more ▶

22 May 2016 Fermi Summer Glau 4 Comments

Cameron Terminator bust

In 2008, Josh Friedman introduced the world to the mysterious and deadly Terminator known as Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. If you're suffering Cameron withdrawal, check some really cool pictures of a 1:3 Cameron Terminator bust that sculptor Mutronics (Pete) shared with us. ... Read more ▶

02 May 2016 chrisdvanne Summer Glau 1 Comments

Joss Whedon interview on Serenity and Wonder Woman at Wizard World 2005

Joss Whedon and Morena Baccarin gave a video interview after their Serenity signing over at Wizard World Los Angeles on March 2005.  ... Read more ▶

23 Feb 2016 chrisdvanne Summer Glau 0 Comments

Summer appears on the French version of Survivor

The French fans of Summer had the good surprise of seeing her on Koh Lanta, a reality television series and France's version of Survivor. ... Read more ▶

13 Feb 2016 chrisdvanne Summer Glau 0 Comments

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