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Summer Glau Facebook and Twitter account

There is regularly Facebook or Twitter accounts coming out, claiming to be the real Summer Glau; and inevitably genuine fans will visit these sites, hoping to have a direct contact with Summer Glau.
But as said in the forum already or on the Wiki pages, Summer has no Facebook or Twitter or any public social network account and every person claiming to be Summer herself is a fake.
UPDATE 10 August 2019: Summer says in a video interview she doesn't have any public social media (except a private Instagram account). Watch at 58:10 of the video.
UPDATE: Summer herself confirmed in an interview that she has no presence online at all.
Summer used to have a Facebook account, but it kept getting hacked, so she removed it.
Quote= Summer Glau
I used to be on Facebook, but I kept getting hacked, so I just deleted it.
Regarding an official website, Summer used to have an official site but the site has been closed since 2008; the former webmaster posted this statement :
My name is Andy Evans and I am the former webmaster of Summer Glau’s official website. The website closed down some time ago and is the last official, authorised web presence Summer has had. This weekend, I met with Summer and discussed a matter that has been brought to her attention concerning a My Space site claiming to officially represent Summer. Summer knows nothing about any such page and has not authorised anyone to act on her behalf. She wishes to let her fans know so that they are not misled or exploited in any way and gave me personal permission to issue this statement. Summer does not have ANY official pages at present. The last official, authorised site with which Summer had any involvement was my own which closed down some time ago. Summer no longer has an official website, nor any official social networking pages. Fans should not attempt to add her in the belief that any such site is official or connected with Summer. Summer does not have any accounts to make contact with fans at present and has no plans to create such a site in the foreseeable future.
The last sentence in that message still applies. If Summer plans for an official site they most likely will have a hired webmaster that represent her create a completely new site for her. 
One can use fanmail to contact her, as described in the Wiki pages : Summer Glau Fanmail
Summer Glau, as well as Thomas Dekker and Sean Maher confirmed it recently; read this Blogpost.
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