Dallas Comic Con & Sci-Fi Expo guests

Summer Glau never attended Dallas Comic Con but her presence is highly requested as shown in the excerpts from the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo discussion forum (see end of the blog entry).

I don't see why Summer would not go to this fan convention, being a texan herself; more she attended the Dallas Film Festival this Spring.

Quote= Dallas Comic Con
The Dallas Comic Con is considered by many as the flagship comic event in Texas, and our annual Fan Days has become a highly anticipated event drawing fans worldwide.

Dallas Comic Con & Sci-Fi Expo is scheduled on February 11-12, 2012 at the Irving Convention Center. The following guests are already expected :

Dallas Comic Con & Sci-Fi Expo - guests

Someone added Summer Glau's name in the "Request A Celebrity" thread, and got the following answers :
"She's one that needs not to be requested. She's always on the radar of Ben and Mark (event producers)"
"Yep, what Riley said", answered event producer Mark Walters. "Been trying to get her here for years, along with Fillion, Hamill."
"*Motions forefingers in front of Mark from left to right* You WILL get Summer Glau into the Dallas Comic Con, no matter the cost =P", said anther con-goer.

Ben Stevens, the other event producer, even created a sticky thread dedicated the three most requested actors :
"For our seasoned, and brand new fans, I thought I'd post our most requested actors and let fans now we have a rolling offer to these folks in an attempt to bring them to our "next" convention.... Seriously, we do...
  • Mark Hamill - Mr. Luke Skywalker, voice of the Joker, and director/star of Comic Book The Movie.
  • Summer Glau - Firefly/Serenity, Terminator, and a more lot more...
  • Nathan Fillion - Firefly/Serenity (nuff said)
If you have someone you want to attend a future event, we welcome the input, but know that we WILL eventually get these folks to our show."
Considering Sean Maher, Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin and Ron Glass are already coming, Summer's presence would almost be like a Firefly reunion.

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