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Summer's Name Now Listed on Knights of Badassdom Banner

02 Feb 2014
chrisdvanne 1 Comments

Summer Glau's name has been added to Knights of Badassdom's cover photo on Facebook (See image below). This outcome is a victory for all Summer Glau fans.
It took an outcry and fan-made alterations to the Knights of Badassdom Facebook banner/image adding her name for them to update their own image and give her headliner credit.
Summer Glau's Name Now Listed on Knights of Badassdom Banner
Summer Glau's Name Now Listed on Knights
of Badassdom Banner on Facebook.

Give Summer Glau full credit, she deserves it

For many, it seemed really foolish to not put Summer Glau's name up top, as she has a large following among the targeted audience, and in many ways would be a huge selling point for a film like this.
That said, this Facebook banner means nothing. The only thing that matters in terms of exposure for Summer is to have her name on top of the official poster and DVD/Blu-ray covert art. Maybe it wasn't in her contract to have her listed on top but it would be only fair since the advertising (clips, featurettes, character cards,...) focuses on her character Gwen as much as on the other three main characters.
More, the main actors are not promoting the movie (is it because it's not the movie they signed up for and they have chosen to stand by Joe Lynch and not get involved in the PR?), even if Ryan Kwanten showed up at a Tugg sceening in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the Summer Glau fandom has been actively promoting the movie by relaying every bit of information. 
The official poster with Summer's name on top already exists and has been displayed on the walls of The Arena Cinema, located in Hollywood, for a Tugg screenings.
Give Summer Glau full credit, she deserves it!

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  Message #1 | robbo | 02 Feb 2014, 03:02 GMT

V-for Victory, for Summer Glau common sense prevails in getting her name on the Knight"s of Badassdom cover photo on Facebook. victory

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