SFX blogger identifies with River Tam

SFX’s team of bloggers give regularly their views on the sci-fi and fantasy that matters to them. 

This week question is : Which fictional character do you most identify with?

"Fictional people; they’re awesome. They don’t need to sleep, they rarely, if ever go to the loo and they’re frequently far more capable than we are. They offer us ideals to shoot for, things to push against and, from time to time, some really solid wardrobe choices."

Kell Harker, one of SFX's blogger has chosen to identify with Firefly's River Tam

Summer Glau as River Tam

Kell Harker: I wish I could say that I was beautiful and kick-ass like Sarah Walker, or was destined to save the world like Buffy Summers, but because I have a certain level of craziness I seem to identify the most with Firefly’s River Tam. Like River, I’m borderline psychotic. My friend’s actually refer to it as being "endearingly crazy” and I take that as a total compliment. I can’t necessarily read minds, but I’m extremely empathetic which makes me pretty gorram intuitive. I also like to dance! Mostly freestyle and belly, and I’m graceful on a pole. Although I may appear sweet and fragile looking I’ve started my kickboxing training so I should be killing Reavers in no time.

Source : Blogbusters: The Walter Crick Testimonial at SFX
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