Seven great single-season shows : Firefly made the list

A blogger at was surprised that many tv watchers completely avoided a show, not even ginving it  a chance, if it has been cancelled after just one season.
He listed seven such shows worth of watching, including Firefly, whose photo also served as illustration to the article.

Firefly cast

"Furthermore, I don't think a cancelled show necessarily needs more than one season to be really great. A single season can still stand as an entertaining and high-quality piece of work. If you completely avoid single-season, cancelled shows as a matter of principal, then you'd be missing on some really good TV - such as ..."


1) Firefly: If you purposely avoided single season/cancelled shows, then you'd have to avoid Firefly - arguably the greatest sci-fi show ever made. Who doesn't want to spend time with Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau?!

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