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Serenity Set Report and Photos

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Aug 20, 2013 / 1 COMMENTS

Dedicated Browncoats had the opportunity to play movie extras in Joss Whedon's Serenity and have filed detailed reports from the set of the Firefly sequel. This is a spoiler-free tour of the set and several filmed scenes during the shooting of Serenity. They also took pictures of their extraordinary adventure, including some with Summer Glau.
Here are the excerpts of Jeremy's on-set report related to Summer Glau:
Summer Glau on set of Serenity
Summer Glau as River Tam and Mr. Squinty
on set of Serenity.
"Sadly, Joss didn't seem to require as many takes on this shot and all too quickly Maria was herding us all back to the holding area for lunch. Lunch was very tasty. All of us Browncoats gathered around our Browncoat tables away from the cool people tables, and talked about our experiences so far. Gingi and boyfriend had some interesting stories about getting in Adam's way.
Suddenly we notice that Summer and a few friends are sitting at a table about just a few feet from our Browncoat table. So DammitGirlie screws up the courage and walks over and points out all of us Browncoats. Summer is so nice about the whole thing. She thanks us all for coming and being a part of it all. My memory fails me on any specifics, but she seems genuinely pleased to have us all there. I bit more chit chat between our tables, and we let her get back to her lunch."

Summer Glau on set of Serenity
Summer and Saxon (Note the Firefly movie
poster in her hand).
"A few minutes later, we all notice that Nathan and Jewel are chowing down on their lunches, just a few tables down from River. So I gather up a few of my firefly movie posters, screw up some courage and walk over to them and introduce myself. I showed them the posters, they took them gladly, I pointed to all of the browncoats at the table, which started a bit of a cross room exchange. They were both more than friendly. I'm not one to usually get very star-struck, but I felt myself tripping over words, so I just thanked them, and let them return to their lunches.
I then walked over to Summer again and offered her a poster. Sadly I was still a bit tongue-tied, so I just thanked her and moved on. In hind site it seemed like she wanted to talk some more, but my brain was foggy and it's probably good I didn't push my luck. Later, when Jewel and Nathan got up to leave, Nathan hollered over to our table and thanked us again. 
Summer remained for quite a while after that, chatting with her friends, the entire time keeping the poster in her lap and even using it as a megaphone a couple of times. Eventually as she was getting up to leave, Saxton asked for a few autographs and Summer seemed more than happy to oblige. Several others got autographs, but I asked for a picture with her instead (see photo on top). "
Read more: My experience as Background on Serenity

Here are Erin's photos and story of her encounter with Summer Glau on set: 
"Emboldened by our first failure to make contact, I finally gather my courage and approach one of the cast, Summer Glau. I think I picked her because she was the youngest and newest to Hollywood. I politely introduced myself and the group as fans and briefly explained our presence and how we got there. She was so kind and came over to the table to say Hi and take some pictures before we all had to go back to work."
Read more: Chasing Firefly: Confessions of a Rabid Fan-Girl
Summer Glau as River Tam on set of Serenity
Summer Glau as River Tam on set of Serenity
during the lunch break.
Summer Glau as River Tam on set of Serenity
Summer Glau as River Tam poses with an
extra on set of Serenity.


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Total comments: 1

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Aug 20, 15:11 GMT

How great is that to unearth pictures of Summer Glau as River Tam on set of Serenity after all these years? smile

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