Serenity Comic Signed by Summer Glau

In the Fall of 2005, Marco Guerrero from '258 West Authentic Signatures' store secured officials autographs of Summer Glau on the 3rd issue of the Serenity Comic Mini Series (that features River Tam on the cover) published by Dark Horse Comics (see picture below).
While fans are accustomed to attending conventions and waiting in line for an autograph or a photo with Summer Glau, private signings are for the most part unknown to the fans. Yet they are an important (and presumably lucrative) part of every convention and Summer is no exception to the rule.  Private signings are usually conducted at a quiet place in conjunction with a convention or at her hotel and photo proof of Summer Glau signing for celebrity autograph stores are often taken. Check out a previous blog post the on the subject: Private Signings at Philadelphia Comic Con.
Marco Guerrero witnessed, authenticated and numbered the limited edition (only 258 were made) of hand signed Summer Glau Comic cover, to be sold at his website or ebay store.
Find below photos of Summer Glau and Marco Guerrero during the private signings session:
258 West Authentic - Private Signings258 West Authentic - Private SigningsSerenity Comic Signed by Summer Glau
This Summer Glau hand signed Serenity cover edition is now sold out, of course, but you can find Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers), Stephen Amell (Arrow) or Emila Clark (Games of Thrones) signed items at 258 West Authentic Signatures website.
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 02 Jan 2014, 19:07 GMT [Entry]

FYI, I saw online a Serenity comic signed by Summer Glau at the extravagant price of $155.00

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