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Tidbits on Crackle New Show 'Sequestered'

Summer Glau's new show Sequestered is due for release in August  on Crackle and there hasn't been much to paw at since the first announcement (If you haven't yet, check out on set photos with Summer).
To keep you waiting, I have gathered for you some juicy tidbits from the set (in no particular order), courtesy of cast & crew members. These tidbits of informations and the accompagnying photos will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting and an overview of the locations, the colors and the atmostphere of the serie....and don't miss a surprising connection to the Whedonverse and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
The shooting of the 12-episode web series lasted 40 days, from April 7, 2014 to the second half of May 2014.  By way of comparison, the filming of a single episode of a TV show on broadcast TV last usually one week.
And here we go for the tidbits extravaganza!

Casting scoop: Dancing with the Stars contestant James Maslow in Sequestered!

Big Time Rush actor and celebrity contestant and finalist on the 18th season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars James Maslow posted this intriguing message and the accompagying photo in his Instagram, at the same time Crackle's new drama was beeing filmed.
Feeling sequestered in my trailer as I wait to film...and I'm not talking about dancing. Tell ya soon. ;)
Mystery solved! A recent article published in OK! Magazine mentioned DWTS contestant James Maslow has landed a recurring role on Sony Crackle's digital series. And now cohorts of teenage girls start to freak out over the idea of seeing Maslow back on TV. 

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