ScifiNow Issue #46, September 2010 - HQ Scans


Here are HQ scans of articles or part of articles inwhich Summer Glau is featured, taken from issue 46 of ScifiNow, released in September 2010.

These pictures have gone unnoticed before today.
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Inside the magazine, there's an article titled "What would you prefer on screens : more sci-fi shows, or less, but with guaranteed runs?".
A small photo of Summer Glau as Cameron in Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles, illustrates the article, as well as photos from Dollhouse and Fringe.
ScifiNow Issue #46, September 2010
There's also an interview of The Cape's creator Tom Wheeler.
He said : "We will definitely develop The Cape and Orwell, who is sort of a superhero herself".

ScifiNow Issue #46, September 2010 
SyfyNow has also published a Complete Guide to Terminator : a height-page article devoted to the movie franchise of course but also to the tv serie Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Find here scans of the two pages showing a picture of Summer Glau as Cameron.

ScifiNow Issue #46, September 2010  
ScifiNow Issue #46, September 2010 

ScifiNow Issue #46, September 2010 
There's also a four-page interview of Joss Whedon on his career and his new movie The Avengers.
I have scanned a page full of Whedon's quote on Firefly, Dollhouse and leaving television for The Avengers.

ScifiNow Issue #46, September 2010  Joss Whedon
The Winchester brothers (Supernatural) are on the cover of SciFiNow Issue #46, September 2010

ScifiNow Issue #46, September 2010 
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i like your pages 3, 5, 6; 7,8

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I shall add the missing pages from "The Complete Guide to Terminator" one day and maybe the article about Joss Whedon also.

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