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The main movie poster released by Universal International Pictures for Joss Whedon's "Serenity" was the US official blue one (thumbnail 1), designed by The Ant Farm, that really emphasizes River (Summer Glau) and Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillon).

However, it turns out that there were a whole bunch of other movie posters, like the international version (thumbnail 2), designed by Empire Design  or a variant made for Germany (thumbnail 3), also designed by Empire Design.
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Serenity Posters and WallpapersSerenity Posters and WallpapersSerenity Posters and Wallpapers
However the guys of UK marketing deparment have made at least two posters with a great visual impact that i reproduce below; if the "old" Firefly fans may recognize the poster shown below, i doubt many of us knew they even existed. Kudos to UK fan Angelite at for taking this picture.
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Serenity - London poster
This poster was shown at the ceiling of the London underground during the UK promotion campaign of Serenity. We don't have an exact idea of the dimension but it must be quite large if you take a look at the camera and spotlight on the right of the picture.
I let you imagine the surprise of the passengers when they saw it on the ceiling of the underground station.
The graphic itself is a mix between River Tam scene shown at the begining of the movie inwhich she hides at the ceiling of the government lab and the clothing and boots from the well known European movie poster showing River Tam wearing a dress and brandishing a sword and an ax.

Serenity caps river tam

While making searches for this blog post, i came across a few other pictures (not prints) of Serenity movie posters taken by fans back in 2005.
Here's another amazing picture taken in the London underground by UK browncoat BOBNSAM (; i guess it belongs to the same serie as the one above.
Serenity - London poster
Here's a picture taken  on September 22th,  2005 at West Kensington station (London Underground) by OwenBlacker.
Serenity - London poster
And here's another one taken in Lisbon Streets, Portugal by Pedro Rebelo.

Serenity - Lisbon poster

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  Message #1 | REG | 30 Jun 2012, 14:41 GMT [Entry]

some of those i have seen before. but others i just saw for the first time now. very interesting.

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