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River Tam's Blue Dress in Serenity

13 Aug 2012
chrisdvanne 2 Comments

This blue dress is probably the most iconic dress worn by River Tam in Serenity.

Here's the write-ups from Propstore of London (pages no longer available) :
River Maidenhead Bar Costume
A costume worn by River in the sci-fi adventure Serenity. This costume was worn by River in the Maidenhead Bar scene where she receives a subliminal message and attacks all the bar’s patrons. It consists of a short blue dress, with a sheer patterned blue dress worn layered over the top, a knitted black shrug garment to go on the arms and a pair of dark blue underpants. No sizes marked.
This was priced at $4,709.
Here are Propstore photos of River Tam's blue dress (probably a custom made design) : 

River Tam's Blue Dress in SerenityRiver Tam's Blue Dress in SerenityRiver Tam's Blue Dress in SerenityRiver Tam's Blue Dress in Serenity


Here are promo images, behind the scenes photos and screencaps inwhich Summer Glau is wearing that dress :

Behind the ScenesBehind the ScenesSerenity Movie stills

Serenity Movie stills'Serenity' Promotional Photos: Cast on open deck - 2005

Universal Archives brought their Serenity costumes for display at a costume and prop exhibit, held at the convention SiliCon in 2007. Find below a sample of the photos taken by a fan at the con :

River Tam's Blue Dress in SerenityRiver Tam's Blue Dress in SerenityRiver Tam's Blue Dress in SerenityRiver Tam's Blue Dress in Serenity

[View all photos at Photobucket]

You can buy for $180 a custom made dress based on River Tam's dress in Serenity at Space City Costumes.
On a similar topic, read : River Tam Funeral Dress

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Total comments: 2

  Message #1 | Alex | 15 Aug 2012, 03:44 GMT

It is interesting to see that costume. It must have been quite sturdy to survive all those fight scenes but maybe there was more than one costume. So, we get to see the blue dress completely deconstructed. It is very feminine, something for a girly girl and we have no clue about what it actually is - the fighting gear worn by a lethal killing machine. We even see the dreaded blue underwear of death.

This article is a good example of the contradiction that is River Tam. I still find it amazing that the petite, gentle, graceful River Tam is a lethal weapon capable of dishing out lethal blows and plenty of pain to a roomful of tough guys. And we are not seeing on the mannequin a suit of chain mail or armour. Nope, all we see is a pretty dress. Amazing!

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 15 Aug 2012, 08:00 GMT

The woman in charge of the costume department said it in an article; this ethereal, light dress is paired with combat boots to underline River Tam duality : an innocent teenager that can turn in a lethal weapon.

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