"The Legend of Hell's Gate" in True West Magazine, March 2012

The Legend of Hell's Gate - Movie Poster

The official Facebook account of  "The Legend of Hell's Gate", send a message in its timeline inviting fans to look for the Year in Review edition of True West Magazine, published in March 2012.

We hope to have a copy soon and will inform you about the content of the article devoted to Legend of Hell's Gate. Here's an excerpt of the article published on August 28, 2011 in True West Magazine :

"Beard cast some top talent in major and minor roles, like ET’s Henry Thomas as Booth, Jim Beaver, Buck Taylor, Firefly’s Summer Glau and John Wayne’s grandson Brendan, who is also in this summer’s Cowboys & Aliens."

Meanwhile, informations about the release of the movie can be found on the News page.

Lovers of The Old West can order their copy online for $5.99

"In True West Extra, we review the year in Western Entertainment, with a look at the legendary Clint Eastwood and other favorite icons of our generation, including John Wayne, Steve McQueen and Robert Duvall."

Year in Review edition of True West Magazine, March 2012
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