Project Teddy Bear Can Thank Summer Glau

15 Dec 2011
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Summer Glau supports Project Teddy Bear and set records!

Summer Glau supports Projects Teddy Bear
Project Teddy Bear - Summer Glau
holding a signed Teddy Bear at
Project Teddy Bear is run by as a way to raise money for The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. The september 2010 Project Teddy Bear auctions had bears signed by Summer Glau as well as other celebrities like Morena Baccarin, Michael Hogan, Clare Kramer, Sean Maher, James Marsters or Camdem Toy to name a few.
After the auction was closed, Summer ended up raising the most money *ever* in a single Project Teddy Bear auction with a whooping $2007.64 final bid.
The previous record holder was Viggo Mortensen with a $1525 bid.
Summer Glau's package included a picture of her holding the bear (see below official photo) and a bear with a tag signed by her.
I have something new for you :
The winner of the auction has send me an exclusive photo showing the official photo and signed bear, nicely framed.
You may already know this generous and dedicated Summer Glau fan since i have already praised his dedication to the community by advertising his fan site :
Summer Glau supports Projects Teddy Bear
Summer Glau supports Projects Teddy Bear
Congratulations for supporting Summer Glau, for your generous bid at Project Teddy Bear and for bringing to the fans the best of Summer Glau in your tumblr!
If you don't have the extra cash to bid for an auction, you can have a 4x6 print of Summer's photo (no autograph or bear) for a $20 donation.
Summer Glau Teddy Bear Project
More info at :
How does the Project Teddy Bear work?
Celebrities pose with a teddy bear which has a tag signed by the celeb. Photo and bear will be auctioned off at ebay to raise money for the Avon Foundation.
The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is a national series of 39-mile weekend fundraising events launched in 2003 by the Avon Foundation. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is a public charity for breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, support and prevention.
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