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Александр XF on: GQ Photo shoot update

Admirator on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: New candid picture of Summer

Admirator on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

ec039 on: GQ Photo shoot update

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Peter Panzerfaust Volume 2: Hooked is out!

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON May 15, 2013 / 0 COMMENTS

The second volume of the Peter Pan re-imagining written by Kurtis Wiebe with art by Tyler Jenkins is coming in stores today May 15th.


Peter Panzerfaust Volume 2: Hooked, published by Image Comics/Shadowline collects issues 6-10. Retail Price: $14.99

All the major players of the Peter Pan mythology come to new life in this action packed second volume, with new allies in Tiger Lily, Big Chief and the Braves. Combining forces with the French Resistance, Peter and the boys lead a deadly game of espionage to locate and free their lost brother, Felix. All that's stopping them is the combined might of the Nazi army led by a cunning and ruthless adversary, Kapitan Haken himself!


Word is getting out that Peter Panzerfaust is one hell of a comic. And it's only going to get bigger when the motion comic voice-starring Elijah Wood (as Peter), Summer Glau (as Wendy), Ron Perlman (as Kapitan Haken)  and Dante Basco (as Alain) comes out (a live-action adaptation is also in development).

Peter Panzerfaust - Summer Glau

As announced at the Peter Panzerfaust panel at C2E2 on April 27, 2013, an official trailer for the motion comic should have been released on May 14, 2013, while the Peter Panzerfaust motion comic should be released the following day, on May 15, 2013. 

UPDATE: The official Peter Panzerfaust Motion Comic Trailer has been released, you can watch it in the News.

As usual, you can comment under this News and in the dedicated thread in the Forum.

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