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Summer Glau as Wendy in Peter Panzerfaust

Peter Panzerfaust Writer, Kurtis J. Wiebe, and Artist, Tyler Jenkins, as well as Executive Producer, Jeff Krelitz, are coming to Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) to talk about their creation of the Comic Book and adapting this concept to Motion Comic and TV format.
The Peter Panzerfaust panel and Q&A, moderated by media company Down the Road Show, will take place on Saturday, April 27th 2013 (slotted from 3:15 – 4:15 in room W470b). Plus this panel will be showing the World Premiere Trailer of Peter Panzerfaust motion comic with Peter voiced by Elijah Wood, Wendy voiced by Summer Glau, Kapitan Haken voiced by Ron Perlman and Alain voiced by Dante Basco.
But the cool part is that you can send your questions to Down the Road Show on Twitter and Facebook and they will pick a few questions to ask during the panel. If like us you're excited to see Summer Glau and this awesome cast of voices in the Peter Panzerfaust motion comic, don't miss this opportunity to submit your questions.
If you don't have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can simply leave your questions in the comment section under this blog post and we will forward them for you. Below are examples of the kind of questions you can send; feel free to formulate your own questions based on this sample.




Peter Panzerfaust first print cover

The cast for the Peter Panzerfaust motion is awesome, with lots of geek cred. Have you planned more promotional events with them in the near future?
Who do I have to kill to get a copy of the Panzerfaust comic print cover signed by Summer Glau, Elijah Wood or Ron Perlman?
Did the voice actors recorded separately or did they met during the recording session for the Peter Panzerfaust motion comic?
Any chance the voice actors will reprise their role in the tv series in developpement?
Is the motion comic based on a previous issue of the comic book or is it a complete new story?
Since you're trying to broaden your audience with the motion comic and live-action tv series, will the tone of these medias be more light-hearted or more dramatic, or both?
What were the voice actors like to work with during the recording session? Any funny anecdote you'd like to share with us?

Peter Panzerfaust poster

Voice acting requires precision and meticulousness and as a writer and artist, you expect artists to read their lines as they were meant to be but did one of the voice actors add his personal touch, in a way that surprised you.
None of the voice actors are new to voice acting, Summer Glau voiced Supergirl in the Marvel DC animaded movie Superman/Batman Apocalypsefor example. Did they find their feets and get into their character right from the start?
Is Summer Glau really as lovely and easy to work with as everyone who has worked with her says?
Did you guys had Summer Glau or any of the voice actors in mind when you wrote the script?
It may be very difficult to play an animated role because you have to play not only the writer's lines but also the character's posture as drawn by the artist. Did the voice actors nailed it from the start?
We are looking forward to seeing this motion picture for the whole story but also to see Summer Glau tackle a role quite unlike others she has had. Have you seen Summer’s other work? What did you think about it?
Summer Glau said in an interview that did not have a lot of back story to go on for the roles of River (Firefly) or Cameron (Terminator: The sarah Connor Chronicles) and so she had to imagine a lot. In your opinion, in your work, is it important to give voice actors a little or a lot to go on about their character and what motivates the character?

Kurtis Wiebe told us that fans will get the chance to win signed issues at the Peter Panzerfaust C2E2 panel. We will publish more details as they come.


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