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Peter Panzerfaust at C2E2

01 May 2013
chrisdvanne 1 Comments

Peter Panzerfaust Summer Glau as Wendy

Peter Panzerfaust's writer Kurtis Wiebe and artist Tyler Jenkins had a table at last Chicago Comic Con, where they promoted their creations, signed Panzerfaust issues and made sketches for fans.
They were later joined by Peter Panzerfaust motion comic & TV series Executive Producer Jeff Krelitz for a Q&A panel, where an exclusive trailer for the upcoming motion comic was unveiled.
Wiebe and Jenkins also had the opportunity to meet Ron Perlman, who's voicing the evil Kapitan Haken in the motion comic.
Here's a pictorial narrative of their whirwind tour to C2E2, including photos of the Peter Panzerfaust cover prints signed by the motion comic cast, namely Elijah Wood, Summer Glau and Ron Perlman:
Photos by WTF Events KB

Ron Perlman with an original sketch by Tyler Jenkins.

Peter Panzerfaust at C2E2


Peter Panzerfaust creators hold up posters signed by them, Elijah Wood, Summer Glau and Ron Perlman.

Peter Panzerfaust at C2E2


Tyler Jenkins signing the poster.

Peter Panzerfaust at C2E2


Kurtis signing his poster.

Peter Panzerfaust at C2E2


The gents with Ron Perlman.

Peter Panzerfaust at C2E2


Kurtis Wiebe, Tyler Jenkins and Jeff Krelitz (producer of the motion comic) share a moment at the end of the show.

Peter Panzerfaust at C2E2

And here's a picture from the Peter Panzerfaust panel.

Peter Panzerfaust at C2E2


Summer Glau didn't attend the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo but you can read Krelitz words on Elijah Wood, Ron Perlman and Summer Glau's voice work, as well as a thank you message from Wiebe in a previous News.

While waiting for the trailer, to be released on May 14, 2013, and the Peter Panzerfaust motion comic, to be released the following day, on May 15, 2013, you can leave a comment under this Blog post or on the forum thread.

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  Message #1 | Respect-for-Summer | 01 May 2013, 17:56 GMT

Have anyone noticed the ring on Summer middle finger ? smile

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