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Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau Selfies

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Mar 20, 2013 / 6 COMMENTS

nathan fillion and summer glau at the 31st Deauville Festival of American Film on September 3, 2005, in Deauville, France

Serenity premiered in France at the 31st Deauville Festival of American Film on September 3, 2005, in Deauville, France. 
The Deauville Festival of American Film is a European showcase for mainly American movies; this is a very popular film festival in France (second only to Cannes!). It is a launching pad for both independent and studio movies in Europe.
Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau travelled to France representing Firefly's movie sequel. They took turn in sharing their pleasure to come and anecdotes on the movie in an interview with cinema website least for Nathan Fillion. Indeed, a defective dictaphone did not allow to reproduce the whole Summer Glau's interview, only a short text mixing evanescent memories and barely audible rushes, the following one (translated from French to English):
"Summer Glau's entire life was devoted to dance until she broke her toe. She keeps from these years of hard work as a prima ballerina many regrets, an intact but unsatisfied passion, and also booked behavior, if not antisocial [!!??]. To say that it was used to interpret the mysterious River, it just takes  few steps that she will not cross. However, she recognizes that many girls lonely and uncomfortable in their skin will recognize themselves in River, and why not learn from her evolution throughout the film. Otherwise, she retains from her character the fear when reading the script. Indeed, second part in the series Firefly, she is thrown into the limelight with the film. River's role was physical, and Summer had to follow a daily workout with a coach, and she often met with Joss Whedon to fully understand all facets of River.
On a more personal side, she is very attached to his native Texas (without wearing any judgment on President Bush), and even more to her family. She spends her free time reading cookbooks and trying to cook, although she admits it is not won. Professionally, she has just finished filming another science fiction movie in Hungary [Mammoth (2006)], and continues to make appearances in TV series."
But at least we can enjoy lovely self taken shots of Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau during these interviews:

Summer Glau selfieNathan Fillion selfie


You can watch more photos of Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau 31st Deauville Festival of American Film in the Gallery or watch videos from the event in a previous Blogpost.

Original interview (in French) at

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Total comments: 6

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Mar 20, 15:20 GMT

Thousands of fans who have met Summer Glau at conventions can testify that she is "antisocial", as the author of the article said. wacko

  Message #2 | ogy86 | 2013 Mar 20, 16:40 GMT

I think that Summer had been nervous when she saw many people around her. This is what the author meant as "antisocial." You can see it on older videos. For example here:

Today she looks more overlords, when she talks to people. But she has always been nice and kind to fans. The nervousness was cute and natural.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Mar 20, 18:09 GMT

I think the word "antisocial" is inacurate in Summer Glau's case; being quite shy by nature or nervous, especially when in a group, doesn't mean to be antisocial, as in "lack of motivation for social interaction, or preference for solitary activities"; Summer is exactly the opposite.

  Message #4 | ogy86 | 2013 Mar 20, 18:42 GMT

Definitely. She enjoys meetings with her fans (I think Kai, or people who met her, can tell more to us). And she has a very friendly nature.

  Message #5 | 44sunsets | 2013 Mar 22, 00:46 GMT

They probably meant that she is introverted. Meaning is inadvertently lost in translation.

  Message #6 | Metal | 2013 Mar 22, 06:12 GMT

My French is non-existent, but from what I could do with Google Translate and my lingual xp, so far:

"Elle garde de ces années de dur labeur en tant que première ballerine beaucoup de regrets, une passion intacte mais inassouvie, et aussi un comportement réservé, voire asocial.

"She kept up the years of hard work as prima ballerina of many regrets, a passion intact but unsatisfied, and aswell/also a reserved behavior, (that is) maybe even asocial. "

From what I can make of it the guy meant that she kept her reserved behavior, which might even be considered asocial.
Summer has stated that she has been quite closed and dissociative herself, which maybe what the guy is trying to imply.

It can however be either that what the interviewer wrote was misunderstood or that many people given the opportunity to meet up with a star and give a bunch of questions often forget themselves and tend to be an assholes in their attempt to look "cool and original".

Growing quite enclosed and introvert kind of live myself, apart that I didnt do homeschooling, I feel I can relate (not because this will make look cool) to and understand on a greater scale much of the situations Summer had and has in her live concerning that matter. When you grow up that way, it's not neither better or worse than someone who had grown up "normally", more socialized. It's mainly just different and most people won't understand you at given times or think that you are this or that just because you give such signs on first sight. Myself being kinda like a walking talking controversial I can testify that it's possible to be both intro and extrovert at the same time. I do have problems and get panic attacks when have to talk to ppl on occasions, even if you have sympathy and desire to socialize with definite group of ppl you will most likely get difficulties as panic attacks or nervousness the least. So even if you really want to be socially interactive and try to be really open you will still experience problems the way for a long time and some of them will always be there, because it's part of you.

When one takes those stuff in mind it becomes clear as to why Sumer may sometimes react in a given way in certain situations.
Given that you can't guess everything at all the times, sometimes some people may need a little time understand. A thing that most people do are falsely misjudge you and put a label on you, and because you're "antisocial" you must be a sort of sociopath or just can't have or be honest in your positive attitude/love for other human beings at all, or atleast to those that arent part or your closed circle of ppl.
However there are some that are just stubborn or ignorant and won't ever understand or show tolerance and will drop negative comments as such.

I am sorry if I have made this post too long to read.
Anyways I hope I don't sound like I am jumping the gun or overreacting on this topic, but I find it annoying and even disturbing that such comments can be thrown at Summer.

I know I am antisocial and won't take the slightest of an insult if I get called that, hell, I'll even wear it with pride. Still (and because) this doesn't make me any better or worse as a human being than any one else simply by itself and it doesn't prevent me from loving or caring for other people, animals, beings or even cybernetic organisms if you want to push the limit. :P

So is Summer Glau, even if she really is "antisocial".

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