Meeting Summer at Chicago Comic Con

Our good friend and Summer Glau enthusiast Leah Steger told us a little about meeting Summer Glau at Chicago Comic Con on August 10-11, 2013.
Leah attended the convention with her daughters Emma and Jewel and with her sister. Regular visitors at the Summer Glau Wiki and our band of merry Summer Glau fans on Twitter or on Facebook knew for a long time that Leah was very excited about finally meeting her favorite actress at Wizard World Chicago event. Leah had never met a celebrity before in her life, especially not in front of hundreds of equally excited fans, not to mention that Leah and her sister had two agitated little girls to look after. In this case, it’s quite natural that she would feel intimidated when approaching Summer’s booth, and I’m sure many other fans have experienced the same thing.  As Leah told me: “I was so damn shy, I couldn’t say what I wanted to.”
Find below the non-reworked transcript of a conversation between Leah and me as she asked how she could share her photos with the fans. Here are some of the memories collected on that day, as Leah was standing in line to meet with a lovely and talented actress named Summer Glau.
Meeting Summer Glau at Chicago Comic Con
Leah and Summer Glau are all smile, while little Emma
seems a bit intimidated.
"Well Summer Glau was excited too meet my daughters Emma and Jewel; it was funny, I was in line and I just happened to be where Summer was standing at the table, and I was holding Emma, she Summer looked over and smiled at us, It was awesome. lol. 
Jewel [Leah’s oldest daughter] had this whole conversation with Summer I couldn't hear everything but she was telling Summer about her sister Emma, me her mommy her auntie bia who is my sister that was with me, and her cousin Allie and Jewel even said Summer Glau because Lydia my sister told Summer she could. I wish I could have heard the whole conversation with Jewel and Summer but I had a stroller in front of me and Emma was playing with my face talking to me. lol
Jewel definitely recognized Summer and she was at complete ease with her, Jewel doesn't usually do that with anyone. I remember Jewel told Summer she was scared of all the men, and my sister told Summer it was the people in the costumes, Summer said they scare her too [probably to reassure her].
And when Jewel told Summer Emma was her little sister, Summer told Jewel she is an older sister too, Jewel had more of a conversation than I did with Summer I was very nervous and shy. And Jewel gave Summer a hug too.
As for Emma she recognized Summer Glau but she was very shy and Summer tried to see if Emma would let her hold her but Emma was a little worried but we got to meet Summer take photos and it was amazing, Summer was very understanding and nice, she signed a couple other things for some of my friends. She was very sweet I'm so glad I got to meet an amazing very talented person like Summer, keep doing what you do Summer because I'll always support you, thank you for putting up with me being so shy lol, and the Firefly panel was so much fun too, thank you again oh and happy birthday I hope you had a good one.

You know, one can hide all secrets except the one in one's eyes. There's something bigger than movies and success in Summer Glau. Take a look at the other photos with Leah, Summer Glau and her youngest daughter Emma. 

Meeting Summer Glau at Chicago Comic Con 2013Meeting Summer Glau at Chicago Comic Con 2013Meeting Summer Glau at Chicago Comic Con 2013

[Watch more pictures at Chicago Comic Con in the Gallery]

As a conclusion this is exactly what I thought Leah’s meeting with Summer Glau at Chicago Comic Con would be, adorable and heartfelt. This is also why her report was left untouched. That way it sounds more authentic.
For me, Leah has a special place in the Summer Glau fandom, because of her refreshing enthusiasm, because she is genuine, she doesn’t play a role and because she isn’t the typical fanboy/fangirl one would expect. In this respect, she reminds me of Karen Wing, who is missed and I would like to take this opportunity to say that we keep Karen in your thoughts and prayers. It’s no coincidence that both Leah and Karen were touched by the romance between John and Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
So thank you for being so awesome Leah and Karen.
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Total comments: 5
  Message #1 | ogy86 | 21 Aug 2013, 01:47 GMT [Entry]

Fantastic, Leah! Glad you got this great opportunity! Summer loves children so she had to be thrilled by your cute little girls

  Message #2 | KevinInEngland | 21 Aug 2013, 11:13 GMT [Entry]

That's great Leah. Best pictures ever. I feel that Summer will never forget you, Emma, Jewel and your sister.
What a good memory.  You met the actress who is currently playing Isabel Rochev. (I wonder if that is short for Isabella?)

I appreciate the day must have been long but let's face it, days 'are long', so I guess waiting in the queue is not so bad now that the wait is over.

Good luck in the future Leah.  Who knows, you might get to talk babies with Summer one day...   Sometimes women live for their jobs and would prefer not to have children.  My sister is one of those.
I don't think we'll mind too much if Summer 'entertains us' all of her life.

  Message #3 | terminatorgirl | 02 Sep 2013, 07:44 GMT [Entry]

I think Summer can do whatever she loves, and no matter what we'll all always love her for it, I know I will. But I will always remember this day meeting Summer with my two daughters and my best friend who I think is an amazing person my sister. I'll hopefully get my sisters pictures with Summer and my other daughter soon, thank you everyone especially Kai Chris Kevin and Martin, and Karen I do hope you get better soon, we all miss you.

  Message #4 | robbo | 12 Sep 2013, 03:25 GMT [Entry]

what an  amazing experience for Leah and her family, in meeting Summer Glau at comic-con, the pictures are so cute and everybody seems to be really enjoying themselves, Emma might have been a little bit camera shy bless her, really pleased they had such a wonderful day meeting Summer, she is so charming and lovely, smile

  Message #5 | MattM | 21 Aug 2013, 06:06 GMT [Entry]

Glad to hear that Leah had a wonderful experience in meeting Summer smile

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