Men's Health, November 2008 - HQ Magazine Scans

Mens's Health Magazine published an interview with Summer Glau in their November 2008 issue; the three-page article includes exclusives photos from a photoshoot by Jim Wright.

Even Terminators Need Love
Summer Glau stepped in for Schwarzenegger in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles—making her a tough (and gorgeous) android from the future who's trying to save the world. Offscreen, though, she prefers to have someone protect her.
Here are the UHQ pages from the digital edition of the magazine :

Summer Glau in Men's Health Magazine - November 2008Summer Glau in Men's Health Magazine - November 2008

[Summer Glau in Men's Health Magazine]


Barak Obama is on the cover of Men's Health Magazine November 2008

Barack Obama - Men's Health Magazine - November 2008


Only a few pictures were selected for the article, but as with all photo shoots, way more than one shot was taken. Check out the outtakes from Summer Glau’s Women Health's photo session in the Gallery.
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I used photoshop to removes the caption on the large photo, you can see the UHQ photo in the forum.

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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 07 Nov 2012, 18:49 GMT [Entry]

I publish magazine scans with Barak Obama on the cover, the same day he's reelected biggrin

I swear that was not made on purpose.

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