Legend of Hell's Gate - Interview with Tanner Beard

While waiting for the release of Legend of Hell's Gate on DVD tomorrow, the Star-Telegram published an interview with writer, director and co-star of the movie Tanner Beard on making the film and DVD release 6/19.

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Here's a few excerpts of the article on Summer Glau :

[...]The name talent in supporting roles include Henry Thomas (of ET fame), Summer Glau (Firefly), Jamie Thomas King (The Tudors), Kevin Alejandro (True Blood), Jim Beaver (Deadwood), Glenn Morshower (24) and Buck Taylor (Gunsmoke).
Many of these actors have Texas roots, which made it easy for Beard to cast them.
"When I met Summer Glau for the first time, she asked, 'Where are you thinking about filming?' I said our first couple of days would be in this little town near San Antonio she'd probably never heard of, a place called Boerne," Beard says. "She looked at me and said, 'You're never going to believe this, but I'm from Boerne.' And she ultimately showed me her old driver's license to prove it. I guess it was fate."
Truth be told, the real appeal for almost everyone involved, cast and crew alike, was the opportunity to make a Western.
"Summer told me, 'I've always wanted to be in a Western.' Eric Balfour and Jenna Dewan (who's from Grapevine) said basically the same thing," Beard says. "It's such a time-honored Hollywood genre."[...]

Read the full article : "Cowboys and indies: Filmmaker finds inspiration for Western in North Texas myths, locales" at Star-Telegram


This interview follows another interview made a few days ago for Henry’s Western Blog; 

[...]Summer Glau is just so incredibly professional. She actually flew from Hawaii, from a movie set, went home for an hour, then drove back to L.A.X., got on a plane to San Antonio, had to drive all the way to set, straight into hair and make-up. She came out and caught us for the tail end of the day, when the Moon family is outside of their house, and we had just enough light that it looked Terrence Malik-y out there. I said, we’re going to go ahead and roll this one. She just dove right in, and really had no idea what the scene was.[...]

Read the full article : Henry's Western Round-up

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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 18 Jun 2012, 20:07 GMT [Entry]

Despite the fact that Summer Glau doesn't play a leading role, i'm amused to see that her role has a great place in the interviews smile

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