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Knights of Badassdom Variant Poster with Summer's Name on Top

The saga of the Knights of Badassdom poster continues.
Fans and online bloggers alike were surprised to see that Summer Glau's name was not on top of the official Knights of Badassdom poster when it was released on January 9, 2014. Especially since she is featured prominently just like Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten and Steve Zahn. For many, it seemed really foolish to not put Summer Glau's name up top, as she has a large following among the targeted audience, and in many ways would be a huge selling point for a film like this.
And now The Arena Cinema, located in Hollywood, and who is showing the Joe Lynch directed movie as part of the Tugg screenings, tweeted a photo of the Knights of Badassdom poster displayed on their wall, in which you can clearly see Summer Glau's name next to the three others.
Take a look at the official and variant poster below:

Official Knights of Badassdom PosterVariant Knights of Badassdom Poster with Summer Glaus Name on Top

[Knights of Badassdom Poster/Promo Photos]

This variant poster was presumably provided by Tugg web platform as part as the limited theater release and as such can also be considered official.
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  Message #1 | robbo | 25 Jan 2014, 04:10 GMT

At last we have summer Glau"s name on a poster, The hand of god has clearly marked Summer"s name on the Variant poster, well done and nice work by the The arena cinema and of course Tugg web platform by all accounts, Phew, that's so much better and a lot fairer. happy

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