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Now that the Tugg screenings of Knights of Badassdom in multiple cities throughout the U.S. have started, fans who were lucky enough to see our wannabee LARPers Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage and Summer Glau on the big screen have shared online their impressions of the adventure comedy directed by Joe Lynch. Of course we'd love to hear your own impressions if you've seen the movie.
The cast and Director of Knights of Badassdom at Comic Con 2011
The cast and director of Knights of Badassdom at Comic Con 2011.
Below, we have compiled the most representative and interesting comments for you and it can be concluded that the movie-goers are pleased with what they saw.
From J McDougle: Saw this in the theatre at a showing organized by a local LARP chapter. The crowd was having a great time with the movie, and I personally enjoyed it a lot. Frequent laughs, great acting, and a ridiculous premise really sold the movie for me. If you're looking for something deeper, then this probably isn't your thing. Nothing wrong with that. But if you're just looking for a FUN movie to watch with a group of friends, I'd definitely recommend it.
From Charlat: Agree with J Mc - I saw this in LA- the audience (and I) loved it and literally clapped and cheered at the end. I had fun and I think the rest if the people there did - judging by the reactions / I haven't been to a film recently where people actually cheered during the climax. Totally fun even if not critically acclaimed. Don't know how much deeper you can go with a comedy horror film.
From Rygar: Saw this in Cupertino with a roomful of diverse Larpers and the cheers were non stop. Clearly it resonated with the intended audience, what more could you want? 

Summer Glau as Gwen in Knights of Badassdom

From Spokane Comicon in Spokane, Washington, in the very places where Knights of Badassdom was filmed in the Summer of 2010. Most who worked on the film were from the Spokane area, including a large cast of extras: Thanks to the 300+ who were able to join us tonight at the Spokane premiere of Knights of Badassdom. The entire experience was a blast! It was great getting to see so many local people from right here in Spokane be a part of something special. Extra thanks to Rich Cowan, Adam Boyd & Shaun Springer for joining us in the Q&A session after the film
From skollll: Summer Glau kicked ass. Recommended.
From Marc J. Driftmeyer: Just came back from the Spokane Premier of Knights of Badassdom. Great cast, stock full of dry humor and inside jokes anyone interested in this film will pick up on keeping you enjoying the film.
It captured the theatrical world of LARPing and the cultish style Evil Dead II world in the forrest, sans chainsaws, Ash, etc., but has one badass demon you really wouldn't mind swapping spit with, until she pulls you in two. Then not so good. Worth every penny.
If the director's cut is longer I'll go see that one as well. It's not flawless, and it's budget isn't that of The Evil Dead, but I actually enjoyed the feel of this modern low budget horror film with those many 80s style moments that made horror movies the best.
Summer Glau, Steve Zahn, Jimmi Simpson, Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten and the supporting Knights o fBadassdom made my evening. Two thumbs up.
From Victoria Hand Baker: Wow ! We loved the Knights of Badassdom movie last night at the Midtown Art Cinema !! We drove 2 hours to see it, def worth it. Great crowd at the theater too. Thanks so much to everyone that made this happen. Made me wanna LARP !

Summer Glau as Gwen in Knights of Badassdom

From Charles Bailey: Atlanta's showing last night was incredible, the theater moved the screening from the smallest theater to the largest. Local Atlanta LARP groups were very well represented and all had a great time.
From Dallas Hodgson: It was a sold out KoB premiere tonight in Cupertino, CA, collectively packed with at least ten area LARP and LARP-spinoff groups. It was brilliant to see the film at 4K resolution on a proper sound system, and the audience was laughing non stop. I swear, they got EVERY joke and there wasn't a person in the house who didn't leave entertained! Nothing but good vibes from beginning to end - even composer Bear McCreary got a huge applause for the metal score! 
Director Joe Lynch should be owning this one - if it fails to catch on (now or at some point in the future as a cult classic), it won't be because of the quality IMHO - it was that entertaining.
From Trin Miller: There was laughter, there were tears, there were tears of laughter.
From Victoria: Ryan Kwanten - adorkable as the reluctant hero
Summer Glau - playing another highly destructive Tinkerbell as wonderfully as ever
Peter Dinklage and Steve Zahn - perfect as plucky comic relief sidekicks
Movie overall - incredibly silly fun
Totally awesome bonus - watching my friends cheer themselves when they showed up on the big screen.  The overall atmosphere of “Holy shit!  We made a movie!” made me a bit schmoopy.
The director did a great job of making it a movie about LARPers having fun instead of making fun of LARPers.  I can’t wait to get it when it comes out on DVD so I can do a double feature with The Gamers: Dorkness Rising
From @PghBrowncoats: Had a blast watching Knights Of Badassdom at Hollywood Theater today. Peter Dinklage was excellent, and Summer Glau had some moments that made the movie instantly DVD worthy!

Online Reviews:

It helps that the cast is fully committed to their parts, both in-character and in-in-character. Dinklage, Simpson and Zahn have some great lines in particular that effectively contrast their absurd wordplay with the film's mundane locales; for instance, they all refer to the parking lot only as the "Kingdom of Eliphaz." Likewise, the lovable Kwanten does a good job of playing the weary protagonist who's long put his D&D days behind him, although it's clear from passing dialogue that Joe once ruled the tabletop among his friends. Meanwhile, the character of Gwen feels a little shoehorned into the story, but Glau obviously has her few moments of ass-kicking (albeit with foam-padded blades).

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More fan impressions will be added as they surface online, so check back often! Don't forget to read: Exclusive tidbits on Gwen (Summer Glau) in Knights of Badassdom.
Side note: Originally, I intended to make a compilation and quote reviews released online. Yet, as  a keen observer of everything published online on Knights of Badassdom, I noticed that the majority of online bloggers specialized in horror have chosen to stand by Joe Lynch and are as a matter of principle against a cut that is not Lynch's. I would not go as far as to claim there's a gag order but their - perfectly understandable - loyaulty to Joe Lynch lead me to believe they are prejudiced against the movie. I have decided to not participate to the bashing of the movie and this is why I will not, save for some exceptions, relay their reviews. 
On a related topic, you can read my uncompromising "Review of Knights of Badassdom Launch Campaign".
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