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Knights of Badassdom Rated R

Knights of Badassdom gets R rating from MPAA
Knights of Badassdom
gets R rating from MPAA.
The long-shelved Knights of Badassdom appears in the latest Motion Picture Association of America (MPPA) ratings bulletin (see rating below).
And with the recent announcement of eOne Films acquiring the U.S. rights to the horror comedy starring Summer Glau and Peter Dinklage, committing to distribute the film in theaters and on VOD., as well as the world premiere at Icon festival in Tel-Aviv, Israel on September 2013, it could mean a release is right around the corner.


Here's an excerpt from the MPAA Ratings BULLETIN NO: 2296, published on October 29, 2013:


Knights Of Badassdom - Rated R for horror violence, language throughout, some 
drug use and sexuality. 
We’re hoping eOne will end out anxiety by unleashing a release date soon. A new trailer would be nice too.

Summer Glau as butt kicking LARPer Gwen in Knights of Badassdom

Summer Glau kicks some demon ass in Knights of Badassdom.
Are you suprised by this R rating from the MPAA? And are you excited to watch the movie? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or in the Knights of Badassdom thread in the forum.
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Total comments: 2
  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 31 Oct 2013, 14:25 GMT

I am surprised they put her on the poster in front of everybody else.  Is it because she has a big part in the film or another obvious reason?
Are the distributors using her looks to sell the film?

  Message #2 | Cam | 31 Oct 2013, 16:02 GMT

Yay! Everytime I hear more news about this movie the more excited I get. Hopefully it gets released soon. biggrin

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