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Knights of Badassdom Blu-ray and DVD Cover Art

We learned recently that Knights of Badassdom  will be released on  Blu-ray / DVD on April 1st, 2014 in the US. We now have a first look at the new cover art on (we don't know if it will be the final cover art to be used for the DVD/Blu-ray).
This new cover art is quite different from the official poster released recently. The four main characters previously on top, namely Summer Glau, Ryan Kwanten, Peter Dinklage and Steve Zahn, are now of equal size and shown in full-length. Another significant change is that another image of Summer Glau's character Gwen has been used; the first poster had basically hero shots of Kwanten, Zahn and Dinklage, while Summer was represented holding in her arm a...firestarter (hey, it's a comedy after all). The new image of Summer shows her brandishing a sword, which is much better if you ask me. And the cover art features now prominently Jimmi Simpson and Danny Pudi, which adds even more geek cred - if possible - to the image.
See for yourself and compare the two poster arts (Blu-ray and DVD cover art on the left and official poster on the right):

Knights of Badassdom Blu-ray and DVD Cover ArtKnights of Badassdom official poster

[Knights of Badassdom Posters/Promo photos]

Visit to pre-order Knights of Badassdom's Blu-ray for $22.48 and DVD for $17.98
So, what do you think about this updated artwork? Are you happy with the changes, or are you still hoping for another revision?
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 31 Jan 2014, 12:36 GMT

Summer Glau's name is still not on top of the Knights of Badassdom Blu-ray and DVD Cover Art. This is very detrimental for an actress who has no presence online and gets limited exposure.

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