Joan Allen Photoshoot

Thanks to Joan Allen here is a bigger image of the the beautiful photoshoot with Summer Glau from 2010.


Summer Glau Photoshoot for Joan Allen
Summer Glau by Joan Allen.

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Joan Allen is the photographer. She fell in love with her camera while attending university and she has not been able to put it down since. She has photographed photographers, music makers, surfers, famous people, regular people, beautiful people being beautiful, dogs, horses, ashtrays, train tracks, condemned churches, broken windows, lots of smokers, endless telephone poles and windmills, flowers, venti nonfat lattes, desolate dirt roads leading to nowhere/everywhere, naked people, her tonsillectomy recovery, her niece's birth, anything ominously beautiful and pretty much everything else that makes her heart beat a little bit faster.

Please visit her website here: to view her work.



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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 07 Jun 2012, 22:04 GMT [Entry]

Thank you for the HQ photo and thank you Joan Allen!

I wonder if this is what Joan Allen told me about a few weeks ago when she said she would release new pics with Summer smile

  Message #2 | The1Russter | 08 Jun 2012, 15:20 GMT [Entry]

According to the information I have, the photoshoot was done in 2010. My oldest files is date Oct. 31, 2010 and it has a 2010 copyright stamp across the lower half of the image.

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