Japanese Theme for TSCC by Gackt

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles - Gackt - Ghost
Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles - Gackt - Ghost
The song 'Ghost' by Japanese artist Gackt, released on January 2009, was used as the theme to the Japanese broadcast of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Watch below the music video as well as a Behind The Scenes Behind the scenes clip of Gackt's Ghost featuring interviews and clips from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
The music video starts off in a darkened locker room where shards of glass and metal lie on the floor. A male Caucasian janitor arrives with a mop and bucket and starts cleaning up the debris. Afterward, he moves on to the next room, which is a laboratory also in a mess, switches on a light and continues cleaning, unaware that there are five shadowy figures standing in the background, each with glowing red eyes. The janitor gets his iPod Touch out to select some music to listen to while cleaning up the mess and whilst mopping, he accidentally hits a button that causes the ceiling light to send out blasts of electricity, which hits and shatters some glasses and zaps the figures, revealing them to be Gackt and his backup dancers, who are androids. As a result of the electricity's impact, they come to life and the janitor stops what he is doing and looks on in shock.
Close-up shots of Gackt singing the lyrics are shown and he has metallic scars on his face, giving him the appearance of a damaged android.

Here's the music video :


Here's an interview with Gackt for Japanese tv, laced with clips from the music video and the serie :

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