Interview for Japanese Magazine

Interview for Japanese Magazine - Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green

Japanese magazine AERA English published an audio interview with Summer Glau while she was in Japan on May 2009 with co-star Brian Austin Green to promote the Blu-ray and DVD release of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2.
The interview really shows what a deep thinker Summer is and also shows what a natural born actor she is. Summer's answers give us a new perspective on the acting class she took, mentioned in the resume we unveiled recently.
The magazine published an article on Summer's trip to Japan in its October 2009 issue (Katy Perry on the cover) :

AERA English - October 2009AERA English - October 2009AERA English - October 2009

Here's the transcript from the interview:
Interview: Makiko Saito

Q: Could you tell me how you come to this career, become an actress?

A: I thought I was gonna be an actress when I was a little girl. I don't know why. But I was... five or so, I just had a feeling that I was going to be an actress. I never pursued it, I didn't know anybody who acted. I didn't know...there was nobody from Texas that I knew who acted at all.

Q: It's not that you went to movies theatres and or you saw TV shows and you want to become and actress... did it happen like that?

A: Everything made me want be actress. I loved stories, and I love story telling. But I certainly ...

Q: You tell stories to others?

A: Not really telling stories so much as who's creating an alternate world. I didn't like to talk very much. Someone would say I was a story teller. But I was a dancer. I started dancing when I was five. I loved being on stage and I loved the theatrical side of being a ballet dancer. And that's what I did all my life. Pretty much all I did until I got entered. And I was one of those girls who thought well I don't need to have a backup plan, I am always going to dance. And then get hurt, when I was 19. I thought maybe I should try acting. And so I did. I went in and I went to a class, and people thought I could act. They started to give me jobs. It's all worked out. I sort of got saved from my injuries and started a new life.

Q: It was very natural for you to change, go into that direction?

A: The first class I ever took was actually public speaking class for people who are shy, and it was me and a bunch of adults. I was teenager and I tried it, and it was terrifying and I never been so scared of my life and it was just crazy 6 foot red headed drama teacher, she would have us you know express our emotions and yell and stuff. I was really, it was hard. That was the best class I had ever took. I tried to take other acting class after that, nothing compared to the first class. Just being able to be honest about, you know, we don't do that a lot. There is a lot of layers to communication in everyday life, so it's funny when you are allowed to be really honest, be really express an emotion that usually keep suppressed. So I practice that in our class. It helped.
During this trip to Japan, Summer and Brian did interview sessions with local medias.
Summer Glau also visited The Terminator Exhibition, an exhibit featuring the cyborgs from the Terminator franchise that was on display in Tokyo.
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