Interview at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

Interview with Summer Glau at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

Summer Glau, along with TSCC's Thomas Dekker, Richard T. Jones and James Middleton, attented the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention on January 13, 2008.

Cynthia from got the opportunity to talk 1-on-1 with the Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles guests.
Here's an excerpt of her interview focusing on Summer Glau :
On Sunday, I had a chance to sit down with the good people of The Sarah Connor Chronicles for a little 1-on-1 time. We caught up in the secret, upstairs green room (which isn't green) at the Shrine Auditorium which plays host to the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention.
When I arrived, Summer Glau and James Middleton were sitting behind a long table full of posters they had just autographed. I took my seat across from Summer and was immediately struck by what a classic beauty she is. She's no slouch on screen, but in person this girl just glows! I started off by asking her our contest question and she gave it a great deal of thought before answering (see below). She was so demure and soft spoken, it's hard to imagine this is the same girl I saw beat the heck out of a Terminator twice her size on the show last week.
Since she brought up the idea of "shaping America's youth", I asked her to speak to the violence, particularly the violence aimed at teens on Sarah Connor.
"Obviously the story has very high stakes, it's about the biggest war humanity has ever faced, so I think violence is inevitable but we always do it with purpose," said Summer. "I think that our violence is never gratuitous and I completely trust Josh(Friedman)'s judgment on how much violence we use."

Interview with Summer Glau at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

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Here's the part where Summer Glau answers the following question :
If you had the power, what would you do RIGHT NOW in order to create a better world in the future?
Summer Glau (Cameron):
“This may sound cheesy, but I guess I would change broken homes. I’d like to see families stay together. There are so many reasons for why it’s happening today, but it’s rampant and it really is shaping our youth today.  So I guess if I could think of one thing that I could change, that would be it.”

Full article at : TV of the Absurd

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  Message #1 | Alex | 03 Aug 2012, 02:19 GMT

One minor typo there in the last paragraph of the first excerpt - she trusts Josh versus she just josh. Sorry - I am in full editor mode and I am on the hunt...grrrr. angry

I am always impressed by how well she speaks. Her ideas are well structured; she stays with her train of thought (unlike some whose train is still boarding at the station); and she never seems to stray off topic. She also speaks without having to use a series of conjunctions to link her sentences together (and, and, and, and at the start of each sentence).

When it comes to smooth flow, she walks the walk and talks the talk.

  Message #2 | REG | 24 Sep 2012, 11:46 GMT

that was an interesting read. thanks for posting it smile

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