Inside the Box - New Production Still and Infos

Inside the Box production still

The team of 'Inside the Box' has released a new production still featuring Regina King and presumably Wilson Bethel.
David Martín-Porras's short film stars Summer Glau, Wilson Bethel (Hart of dixie - CW) and  Regina King (Southland - TNT).


Inside the Box - New Production Still

[Watch Promo Stills with Summer Glau in the Gallery]


The production team is "immerse in post production" and still need your help to cover the costs associated with it; fans interested in making a donation will be able to get all the informations in a previous News.

You can also help the movie by spreading the word about it, following their Twitter account or liking their Facebook page.

Inside the box tweet

You can take a look at the intense and promising trailer at the wiki page for the short.

Inside the Box should be released next February on DVD and Video-on-Demand.

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