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Take Back The Sky is a a project led by fans of Joss Whedon's space western Firefly/Serenity, who think that the first private spaceship built by SpaceX should be named 'Serenity'.
Members of Take Back The Sky had a table at this year Wizard World Philadelphia to promote their project and one of them, Chris, had the opportunity to meet Summer Glau during her signing/autograph session on the final day of the convention.
Summer Glau autograph session at Philadelphia Comic Con
Summer Glau is visibly happy to sign autographs and meet
fans at Philadelphia Comic Con.
Chris was obviously a fan of Summer Glau before his meeting with her, but this memorable experience has opened his eyes to the wonderful person she is. While this is not new for regular visitors of the Summer Glau Wiki,  I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you some excerpts of his heartful story (with the authorization of the author):
When Summer came back to the table, I thanked her again for coming to the con and for staying overtime the previous night to meet with us and provide photo ops.  She actually responded with an apology for how everything went the previous evening, and I of course told her she didn’t need to apologize because she had gone above and beyond just so it could happen at all.  When I told her I enjoyed the Firefly panel, she thanked me but insisted that it was because her cast mates are always so very entertaining.  I asked if she minded if I photographed her signing the graphic novel for CSTS, and she said that’d be fine.
Summer Glau autograph session at Philadelphia Comic Con
Summer Glau signs a Firefly poster.
Looking back on the whole thing, I realize that at no point did I ever feel intimidated or nervous around Summer Glau, even at that moment when I discovered that I had very stupidly shut off the iPhone I would need to use as a camera.  Summer deserves full credit for that.  She may be one of Geekdom’s more radiant stars, but she is incredibly humble, easy-going and down-to-earth, and our conversation didn’t feel awkward or forced at all.  She makes it easy for you to feel at ease around her, and it was obvious to me that she didn’t treat what she was doing as work even if technically it was.  She was also not overly concerned with or protective of her own image, which endeared her to us fans even more.  (When the handlers asked us not to take photos of her while standing in line, for example, she quietly and politely corrected them and said we were welcome to take as many as we liked.) 
Read the full report at Take Back The Sky
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Much could be read from the commentary section in the TSCC episodes.
'Skromność jest cnotą. Modesty is a virtue.' True embodiment of this saying. That is very rare.

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