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Article By Steven Bryan | Yahoo! Contributor Network  Tue, Nov 8, 2011 2:25 PM PST

Sitting down for a face-to-face interview at the recent New York Comic-Con, Glau said this is the first time she has done something like this. "I just really responded to the material; I loved the character," she said.
5 Gum, the brand behind the ARG, introduced the Human Preservation Project through a series of events, including television commercials and a teaser video featuring former "Lost" star Terry O'Quinn. "Now I am adding a new character into the story. It's constantly changing as people uncover clues and episodes online and play the game. It's really cool," Glau said.

"I'm playing a character called Natalia. She is a scientist and her character is tied to Terry O'Quinn's character in a very specific, important way that is going to be unveiled through these videos," she said. "She is a pioneer. She has a very important contribution to humankind."

Exclusive Interview: Summer Glau Talks Humans, Sci-Fi, Alphas Return & More at BuzzFocus - November 01 2011
     Recently, we spoke with Summer Glau (Firefly, Alphas) on her latest role as Natalia Suttinger in the Human Preservation Project. In the Human Preservation Project, Suttinger is a neuro-analytics protocol specialist.
In this interview, Glau tells fans what they can expect from the transmedia experiment at and why this experience was totally new to her. Alphas fans will delight in some of her responses to questions regarding the show and the possibility of future story arcs. She also talks about work with Joss Whedon and what makes her gravitate towards sci-fi stories.

Glau rounds out the interview by giving fans a special message. Check it out and let us know your thoughts below.


Human Preservation Project Puts You in a Comic at NYCC at MovieViral - October 19, 2011
     Last week, several entertainment blogs received mysterious packages that contained a radio with a giant speaker attached. When the station is changed, a female’s voice begins speaking, sending out a distress signal. That is the voice of a new character, Natalia Suttinger (played by Summer Glau), who works with the Neuro-Analytics Protocol and has level 5 clearance lab clearance. The radio played multiple messages from Suttinger including:
"The world is our lab. The evidence is all around you.”

"If we ignore our surroundings we might just tumble back into the abyss… This is a call with no response….I’m trusting that you, whoever you are will heed the call.”
While at NYCC on Friday, Summer revealed that her character will be appearing soon, and is connected to Terry O’Quinn’s Dr. Traelek. 
Summer Glau joins the Human Preservation Project at blog.mysanantonio - October 17, 2011
Leave it to San Antonio’s own Summer Glau to keep fighting the good fight for all of humanity, even when it apparently involves hawking chewing gum. The geek starlet from Firefly and the upcoming LARP horror comedy Knights of Badassdom recently signed on for the Human Preservation Project, an online gaming experience that debuted over the weekend at New York Comic Con.

The Human Preservation Project looks like it’s set in an arctic DHARMA-like facility where Terry O’Quinn from LOST speaks of saving the human race from catastrophic sensory deprivation.
You must click through various puzzles to peel away further layers of the mystery, though by the looks of it you’ll need to buy a certain chewing gum for codes to unlock more features. Huh.

Summer Glau plays Natalia Suttinger, neuro-analyst for the project. And while this all reeks of a big-budget viral campaign for a minty fresh impulse buy, I’m just happy to see Summer Glau in anything even tangentially related to speculative fiction. Or anything else for that matter.

Video: Firefly Star Summer Glau At Comic-Con Discusses Her Career, New And Old at Complex  - October 17, 2011
     Summer Glau is as stunningly gorgeous as she is sweet, and we had the
pleasure of experiencing both at NY's Comic-Con this year. Although
Summer was there to promote the new alternate reality game she is
working on - The Human Preservation Project - we were able to delve deeper into her career, experience with the popular sci-fi show Firefly, and where she sees it going from there.

The Human Preservation Project, as Summer will explain to you in the video above, is an interactive story experience reminiscent of the recently released Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
The world is complicated by a burgeoning technology market, and Summer
plays the role of Natalia Suttinger in this fictional, futuristic world
Watch the video  : Summer Glau Discusses Her Career at New York Comic Con 2011
Summer Glau On 'The Human Preservation Project' And Fandom - NYCC Interview at geek-news.mtv - October 17, 2011
     Summer Glau was on hand over the weekend to discuss her latest project, The Human Preservation Project, an ARG/web series thing in which she's joined by Lost's Terry O'Quinn.

The "series," which began this summer, is sponsored by 5Gum, and purports to collect and analyze sensory and emotional data from web participants, with Glau playing the role of "Natalia." Content can be unlocked on the Human Preservation Project site using codes found inside the pack of gum. Glau's character has not yet made her debut in the series, but will be unveiled later this year and will have some connection with the Terry O'Quinn character.
Watch the video  : MTV interviews Summer Glau NYCC 2011
NYCC Exclusive: Photos of Summer Glau at Human Preservation Project at BuzzFocus - October 14, 2011
    Today at NY Comic Con (NYCC), we had the chance to speak with Summer Glau (Alphas, Firefly) on her latest role in The Human Preservation Project. It’s a new online gaming experience, where people get to play online games and unlock additional story content. Here are some photos from the interview (coming soon).



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