Human Preservation Project is an online game

Summer Glau is involved in the Human Preservation Project (HPP) which is an online gaming experience, where people get to play online games and unlock additional story content, as confirmed at New York Comic Con 2011.

"About the Human Preservation Project:

The project was created to give people an awesome and immersive entertainment experience totally new to the consumer products category. 5 gum has always been about sensory experimentation and discovery with a purpose so it’s only natural that fans could join in the intrigue and help piece the puzzle together on their own. They are the ones that help expose and fuel the world of 5 gum, and now Glau is leading them into a whole new level of experiences that continue to unveil a deeper story about the brand, its creation, its characters and its meaning."

NYCC Exclusive: Photos of Summer Glau at Human Preservation Project at Buzzfocus

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