HQ Magazine Scans - TV Guide December 3, 2007
TV Guide had a two-page article on Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles in its December 3, 2007 issue, with Dana Delany (Desesperate Housewives) on the cover.
The TV magazine took a first look at TSCC in the "Breaking News - the Top 10 Stories" section. The two HQ scans have been combined together for a better view of the pictures.
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TV Guide - December 3 2007
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As usual i have included the cover of the magazine because i think it's a valuable information if someone wants to look further into the magazine and also because it allows to put the article in context.
 TV Guide - December 3 2007
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 20 Mar 2012, 20:21 GMT

Combining together two scans is not an easy work; the two pages don't fit perfectly together, the colors vary also.

Sometimes the size of the magazine is larger than the scanner (SciFiNow magazine for example) and most of the time the magazine is old which means the quality of the pages is not perfect.

But spending a few minutes with photoshop is the price to pay for offering to the Summer Glau Wiki readers high quality scans.

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