How to log out when using basic access authentication

Suppose you logged into a site that uses basic access authentication and now you want to log out. If you are using Firefox browser you may go to "Tools" -> "Clear recent history" and then in the "Details" section make sure you have "Active Logins" checked and everything else you do not want to clean up is unchecked. But there is one problem: this will wipe authentication data for all sites. What if you are logged into two or more sites and you want to log out from one specific site only? In that case just type something followed by a '@' sign before the domain name and press 'Enter' smile For example if you are logged to the site


go to




It does not matter what you type, it does not matter if the user with that name actually exists or not. The only thing that matters is that it should be something different from the name of the user you are currently logged in. After that the usual pop-up window will appear that prompts you for password. Just press the "Cancel" button and you are logged out.

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