How to get Summer Glau Autograph?

Fans regularly ask where they can get a Summer Glau personalized autograph.
Well, going to a fan convention is a good way to get an autograph since these events systematically include an autograph and photo session. Here are a few photos of Summer Glau during an autograph session at Dallas Comic Con on May 2012:

Summer Glau signing autographsSummer Glau signing autographsSummer Glau signing autographs

That said, not everyone has the opportunity to join a convention.
For all the fans around the world, the best way to get Summer Glau personalized autograph is to send a fan mail and autograph requests to Summer Glau at her fan mail address.
The whole process "How to contact Summer Glau" for a fan letter or an autograph request is explained at the Summer Glau Wiki page: Summer Glau's Fan Mail Address.
And with a bit of luck and a lot of patience, you'll get a signed photo from Summer Glau, just like Fermi in November 2012.
Summer Glau Signed picturesSummer Glau Signed pictures

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  Message #1 | Cegorach | 09 Aug 2013, 08:11 GMT [Entry]

Lucky anyone who got it, but with a letter there is the usual problem - it takes time to read it and the time is a piece cut off from the spare/after work time. Very precious for everyone who actually has to work for a living.
I can only imagine how much more precious it is for someone engaged in such an exhausting work so probably it is a good idea to use the letter to say thank you and not to expect anything except an autograph.
After all how many letters an artists can receive and be able to answer per day? Even one seems like a considerable effort.

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