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HMV Cast Signing, London 2005

20 Feb 2012
chrisdvanne 1 Comments


Joss Whedon, Summer Glau and Nathan Fillion have been meeting fans and signing Serenity stuff on Thursday 6th October, 2005 at HMV 150 Oxford Street, London.

The event took place in the dvd department between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.
They posed for an in-store photocall before meeting the fans. (Click on images for larger size)
HMV Signing London 6th October, 2005HMV Signing London 6th October, 2005HMV Signing London 6th October, 2005
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- Public Events > Events in 2005 > HMV Signing London 6th October, 2005
Then the three of them had a signing session with the fans.
Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau and Joss Whedon at 'Serenity' Cast HMV Signing & PhotocallNathan Fillion, Summer Glau and Joss Whedon at 'Serenity' Cast HMV Signing & PhotocallNathan Fillion, Summer Glau and Joss Whedon at 'Serenity' Cast HMV Signing & Photocall
Credit : Cardelia

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  Message #1 | Putry | 08 Mar 2012, 11:58 GMT

Review by the antiquary for Rating: Ok, so the seiers starts off with Joss Whedon, celebrated writer-director-composer, except no-one wants to work with him, then he has a hit web show, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and he catches the attention of the dark and shadowy Fox Corporation. Fox wipe Joss's brain to make him forget that he worked for them before and they became mortal enemies. So now Fox can make Joss do whatever they want, everyday they activate Joss and set him to work making a television seiers for them called Dollhouse. Everything works out fine for them. The show is flashy, cool, sexy, confusing, humourless, disconnected and unengaging. Without the real Joss to complain Fox don't even have to spend much cash on it. But can the technology Fox has used really remove all of a person's memories, their sense of self, their soul?As he works from episode to episode it becomes apparent that Joss starts to remember who he is, but knowing he shouldn't draw attention to this fact he keeps it to himself and works slowly to improve Dollhouse from within. From episode 6 `Man on the Street' flashes of brilliance begin to save the show, culminating in the superb episode 9 `A Spy in the House of Love', by now Dollhouse has become gripping, funny, dark and touching with an intelligent and complex storyline that has people thinking. Joss is even able to help other people taken over by Fox and makes Eliza Dushku realise that she is an actress.By the end of the seiers we have been taken to a place we little imagined in the beginning. I won't give any spoilers but Dollhouse does end with Joss improbably winning renewal for a second seiers, this time will he be out to revenge himself on the people who did this to him and turn out a flawless piece of work from the start?

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