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Summer Glau on set - Help for the Holidays


Summer Glau is currently filming for US channel Hallmark a Christmas movie titled 'Help for the Holidays', co-starring Eva LaRue (CSI : Miami), Dan Gauthier, Mason Cook (Spy Kids) and Scotty Spicks Jr. (see on set photo with Summer on the left).
Warning, this blogpost contains mild spoilers.
Young actor Scotty Spicks Jr. kindly shared a few anecdotes on the shooting, exclusively for the readers of the Summer Glau Wiki. We have no official informations on the shooting at the moment but i hope you will enjoy these humerous, unpretentious tidbits of informations :-)
Before reading any further, we will presume that you've read the previous news/blogpots on the movie, including the short synopsys that Eva LaRue tweeted to us a few days ago.
Eva LaRue play an overly busy mom with no Christmas spirit, and Summer Glau plays an elf that saves LaRue's family!


Scotty has some nice words on Summer's behavior on the set :
Summer is very nice person. She is easy to talk to and doesn't act like a diva. She is very quite and kind and not demanding in any way. She is an awesome actress. I have been on sets where some actors attitudes have truly shocked me. But this was a great set to work on.
They are shooting for 20 days straight M-F.
He also confirmed that the glimpse in the camera viewer we showed you a few days ago is definitely the first in-character picture of Summer Glau.
Yes that is her elf costume and she had on some cool green shimmery shoes .
first picture of Summer Glau in her elf costume in Hallmark Christmas movie 'Help for the Holidays'
"Green shimmery shoes" these? Lol.
Summer Glau as an elf - Shoes


It looks to me as if Summer Glau is attired as the kind of elf that would appeal more to the grownups than the kids. Although...
Scotty reveals in which scene from the movie his character meets the elf played by Summer Glau.
I'm a basketball player in the movie. She feeds the basketball team cookies in the movie.
Thank you Scotty for these tidbits of information on 'Help for the Holidays' and for the conclusion, I'll give you the last words, which reflects my feeling about the movie.
It seems like a cute holiday movie.


Take a look at the Gallery for all the on-set pictures of Summer in Help for the Holidays.
Help for the Holidays is set to air on January 1st, 2013 on the Hallmark Channel
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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 24 Aug 2012, 16:23 GMT [Entry]

I still don't think they are her legs. If she doesn't wear a red dress with white lines round it, I will be right. I am guessing those legs belong to the scrooge mother.

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